Document Overview

The Document System makes it easy to include files and documents on your website that are available for quick download. Has your marketing team created a mission statement as a Microsoft Word document, or an organization brochure in Acrobat PDF format? Easily post these and other documents such as weekly notes from the director, meetings for board members, or budget reports. Virtually any type of document can be posted and retrieved!

You can also easily add security to any document. This will only allow individuals with the correct security priviledges to see the document link and description and download the document.

Feature Snapshot

Below is a quick list of some of the features of our Documents System application:
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Upload virtually any type of file, including Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets, PDF's, and more
  • Add additional file types if needed
  • Link to an alternate URL if needed
  • Include a file date for sorting purposes
  • Automatically list documents on your website's Home Page
  • Set User Security so only certain user groups can access specific files
  • Include a description and key words for searching purposes
  • Display all categories or a single category
  • Files Download to users computer

Easy Administration

Set Security

Display All Categories

Open File or Save as Download