Blog System Overview

Our Blog System gives you the ability to give any registered user on your website access to start posting their own Blog. This gives you unprecidented control to create your own Group Blog for your organization. The Our Blog area gives users access to view the group and the ability to then go into individual blogs.

The website administrator or webmaster retains full control over who has access to have their own blog. You can give anyone registered with a user account on your website their own blog. Blogs are also fully integrated with Twitter and Facebook, making it easy to push content to your social media sites.

Feature Snapshot

Below is a quick list of some of the features our Blog application:
  • Allow any registered user on the site to have their own blog
  • Control which users are allowed to blog
  • Blog users access their blog tools from the My Account area on the user-side of the website
  • Comments must be approved before posting to the blog
  • Schedule your Post date now or on a date in the future
  • Set Post Security so only certain Registered Users can view your post
  • Set Comment Security so only certain Registered Users can comment on your post
  • Allow other bloggers on the site to include your post in their blog
  • Control if comments are allowed on a post, or stop further comments from being made
  • Save as Draft option for Posts
  • Post to Twitter and Facebook
  • Customize your Twitter message
  • Customize your Facebook Post
  • View and Edit your blog comments
  • Add custom Widget areas to your blog's side navigation column
  • Conrol a list of over 20 blog settings including SEO, formatting, comments, and social media
  • Reports include tracking of new posts, average days to post, total comments and total commenters

Unlimited Blogs on your site

Easily Add & Manage Posts

Team Blogs & Individual Blogs