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    Features Overview

    StratumWeb™ CMS offers a great range of applications to help you grow and manage your organization. Most of our competition has a "feature" list of about 30 items, not individual applications.

    Custom Development

    We also offer incredibly low rates on custom development within our CMS, so if you are looking for a specific application or want a feature that we don't offer, it can typically be added for a low one-time cost.


    StratumWeb™ CMS vs. Open Source

    If you are considering an open source CMS, just keep these items in mind as you evaluate all of your options:
    • Set-up costs still apply with open source - you will pay someone for their time to design and set-up your site and whatever open source applications they provide for you. The StratumWeb CMS set-up will most likely cost significantly less and offer a lot more functionality out of the box for your clients.
    • Development costs for customizations - you will still pay someone to modify your open source solution to meet your desired functionality. Development customizations to the StratumWeb CMS typically costs less because we already have a large set of core applications which are already integrated.
    • Website Design Costs - we can implement any design into our CMS at a very reasonable cost - $499.00 retail. Our Resellers receive a discount off of that price, and for those who are knowledgable in CSS can implement their own designs and receive a significant set-up discount.
    • Support and Service for your website - is your company set-up to manage a lot of website support? Is that what you want to spend your time doing? StratumWeb offers all of our clients a comprehensive Support package which includes Free Weekly Training and ongoing website maintenance support. If you have any kind of issue or question on managing your content, we are there to help you get it done.

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