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    Design Overview

    StratumWeb™ CMS offers the flexibility of being able to implement any design you like into our platform. There are 3 option you have to select the design of your site.

    1. Standard Design Templates: These templates are ones that we have already created and are included as part of our Standard Set-up.
    2. Design+ Templates: You can select one of the thousands of options we show on our site or bring us your own design to have implemented into our website CMS. Show us any existing design and we will build it for you. Retail cost is only $499.00!
    3. Custom Design: We will work with you to implement any custom design you bring to us. If you are strictly a sales or consultant who does not do design, we can connect you with one of design partners to fulfill your clients custom design needs. Contact Us for more information.


    Custom Development

    We also offer incredibly low rates on custom development within our CMS, so if you are looking for a specific application or want a feature that we don't offer, it can typically be added for a low one-time cost.


    StratumWeb™ CMS vs. Open Source

    If you are considering an open source CMS, consider the cost and support advantages offered by the StratumWeb CMS.

    Design+ Templates

    Select from thousands of design template, or bring us your own design.

    "For the smaller company, without the trappings of large-scale IT departments, the ability to communicate with ownership without the IT-speak so often associated with this line of work, is a solid plus. This is what enabled us to get our project up and running quickly and efficiently with Stratum.

    Stratum is correctly sized for the small and medium-sized firm looking for a reputable out-source solution that is truly customized."

    Nathan Hancock
    Hancock International Corp. 

    When we first started considering a more professional website, we assumed we would not be able to afford what we really wanted. Larger libraries were paying tens of thousands for similar websites and so we were prepared to settle for good enough. But then we found Nonprofitsites and were amazed at the quality and price available to us. We got everything that was on our wish list! User content management, videos, forms, surveys you name it. Scott and the Nonprofitsites team worked with us and with our graphic artist to create a one of a kind website.

    Weve been with Nonprofitsites for almost three years now, and have had a great experience. People visiting our site give us great feedback and weve enjoyed great support from the staff at Nonprofitsites. They always respond quickly to problems and are continually improving the editor. After almost three years, we still continue to discover new things our site can do for us and are now looking into doing a redesign of our site in a few years to keep it fresh. We will definitely choose Nonprofitsites again!

    Cheryl Dobbs
    Head of Adult Reference
    Greenwood Public Library